Our concept store is now open!

Our concept store is now open!

A long cherished dream has come true!

The long-cherished dream has come true! It was with a true pleasure and great pride that we opened our new concept store on July 20, 2023, ready to offer our guests a leisurely shopping experience, aiming to increase the added value of the place with a new tourism perspective. Having invested around 100,000 Euros of own capital in the construction and development of the premises, the team is ready to welcome our customers and foreign guests in person.

Trade the hustle and bustle of the supermarket for a leisurely shopping experience? This was the main guiding principle for the idea of ​​opening our own concept store. For several years, while searching for new export markets, visiting international exhibitions, and studying successful world experiences, we have dreamed of creating our own concept store just next to the plant. During my trips abroad, I observed that every self-respecting factory has a tastefully decorated shop next door. It is no secret that there are getting fewer and fewer design tableware brands in the world whose teams create the design and produce the tableware on site. Often the brand name belongs to a Scandinavian or European country, while the actual production takes place in Asia, Spain, or Portugal. We can be proud of our team of 10 experienced people working on site and providing all stages of the process, including designing, handmaking, and selling tableware. I am happy to have managed to create, by joining the company co-owners’ resources, the new concept store, which offers more opportunities for us to welcome customers. From now on, they will be able to leisurely look around and purchase our products while treating themselves to coffee and enjoying the beautiful natural landscape of Vaidava from the roof terrace of the new building. This is not just a store, it's a whole new value-added shopping experience in an environment we would like to see our tableware be used.

Vaidava is a small place with less than a thousand people living here. With this addition to the infrastructure, we see ample opportunities to attract local and foreign tourists. We hope to open Vaidava as a multi-day adventure destination by offering a factory tour to the production plant observing all the processes involved in the creation of ceramics, inviting to take part in a pottery master class and visit the store to buy tableware. The place is also suitable for holding private events and master classes, ready to host young and old. In the implementation of the concept store project, we have stayed true to the values ​​that are so important to us - sustainability, simplicity, and naturalness. We used the construction of the concept store from an existing project in Ogre region and adapted it to our needs, which we think is a rather sustainable choice. In the reconstruction of the store, we used the services of local companies whenever possible - land preparation, furniture making, design services - all these jobs were entrusted to local entrepreneurs. We also used a lot of wood in the interior to create a natural and cozy atmosphere in the store. And the design language of the store is in concordance to the motto of our products - beauty lies in simplicity.

VAIDAVA CERAMICS is a success story we have created, a story which is continued to be written day by day with hard work and strong belief that local people are able to pass on valuable skills from generation to generation, and with adding a world vision to these skills, it is possible to raise an ordinary ceramics factory in the countryside of Latvia to an internationally recognized and competitive brand level.

We hope to welcome you in Vaidava where you will have a chance to see the new concept store with your own eyes, take a tour of the production facility, participate in one of our master classes or just meet us. In the future, I promise to welcome visitors to Vaidava in person more often as it is only when we meet our guests or customers in person, we get the much-needed impetus for development. By the way, we are planning a series of interesting events in the new store in August - follow the news on Facebook and Instagram @vaidavaceramics.

Have a successful end of the summer and see you in Vaidava!

Sincerely yours,

Miks Balodis



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