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Plant pot with saucer M · Moss

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Home is a place to regain peace from the never-ending hassle of daily routines. A wide variety of plants in the home interior is believed to help purify the air and clean the mind.  In this collection, VAIDAVA CERAMICS combines the local Latvian clay as a core value with the ascetic form of Nordic design and the effect glaze which playfully shows in the sunlight. 

The natural beauty of the clay is revealed on the inside of the handmade plant pot, while the outside is covered with a matte glaze in varying shades of gray green. 

A size M pot of the Moss plant pot collection is ideal for small and medium-sized potted plants and herbs, fitting on a windowsill or on a tabletop illuminated by natural light. By providing an even air flow, the clay pot will breathe in harmony with the roots of the plant to ensure they get oxygen, so essential for the development of a healthy root system. This ceramic pot will be especially loved by medium-sized cacti, succulents, and other drought-tolerant plants accumulating water in their thick leaves. It is important. that the soil should be able to dry throughout evenly between waterings. Green-leafed pot plants originating in the rainforests will require more frequent watering in a clay pot. Bring abundant green life into your home, providing sustainable living conditions for your favorite plants! 

The Moss collection includes 4 sizes of designer plant pots.  Choosing the right size according to the variety of the plants will increase the aesthetic value of the room. 

Size: 17 cm × 15 cm · 2 l · 1.73 kg

Values: Handmade in Northen Europe

Materials: Latvian red clay, lead-free glaze

Design by: Miks Balodis

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The plant pot is suitable for planting various indoor plants and herbs matching the size of their root system. Before planting, it is recommended to soak the plant pot in a water bath for at least 2 hours so that the clay absorbs the necessary amount of moisture, without soaking it up from the newly planted plant after the first watering. 

The bottom of the pot has a drainage hole for excess moisture to drain onto the tray, so it is intended for planting a plant without an additional plastic inner pot. 

The unglazed surface inside the pot can change colour and show white salt efflorescence over time in the process of interaction of soil, plants, and clay. 

Due to clay having been hardened at a high kiln temperature, the plant pot can be placed both indoors and on an outdoor terrace or balcony, when the air temperature does not fall below +1°C.

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Designer spotlight

Closeup of the Latvian red clay

Raw materials

We use locally sourced Latvian red clay. Its distinctive red color is caused by iron oxide in the clay. The clay is known for its exceptional quality and has been prized by potters and ceramics artists for centuries. It is also highly durable and resistant to heat. Although a popular choice for brick-making, with our innovation the red clay has transformed into a unique and durable tableware.


Craftsmanship and technique

Our technique has been passed down to us by our ancestors along with the appreciation of the art of pottery. Each piece is crafted by hand, resulting in unique and durable tableware, that’s unmatched by mass-produced alternatives.

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