Welcome to our new digital home

Welcome to our new digital home

Dear friends of VAIDAVA CERAMICS,

First, we would like to thank you for being our devoted customers and for having a chance to address each and every one personally.

It is a great pleasure and true satisfaction for us to invite you to our new website and e-shop, the creation of which is a result of much effort we have made so that our story is even better told and your shopping experience with us is even smoother.

The story of VAIDAVA CERAMICS has always been a personal one and closely linked with people the tremendous work capability of whom has ensured a continuous growth of our business for nearly 43 years. A ceramics workshop started working in 1980 and since then almost every family in Vaidava has in one way or another been related to the factory. The key of our company is its people skilfully creating quality designer tableware from Latvian red clay so much delighted by customers both in Latvia and all over the world. It is more than just a bowl or a mug, it is a real thing, carefully created by hand from Latvian red clay – a natural material. A touch of hands has been a priceless value of our products for all the 43 years and cannot be underestimated. Each piece of ceramics passes through the hands of our employees for hundreds of times before it lies on the table in your home. An equally valuable asset is the material we use – the red clay of Liepa, the most ancient clay to be found on the planet Earth as its origins go back to the Devonian period 300 million years before Our Era. It is rather exciting to serve a table with tableware made by hand from the oldest clay to be found on our planet, isn’t it? Sustainability, environment protection and recycling are the issues of current agenda and we have been taking these aspects for granted since the very beginning of our company, we did not expect that one day we would need to mention them in a special way. Doing no harm to the environment has always been a part of our job when having a business in Gauja National Park on the shore of the beautiful lake Vaidava. The same is true regarding a reasonable use of resources, a safe choice of raw materials and a fair treatment of our employees.

My individual story of VAIDAVA CERAMICS is just as personal since Vaidava is the venue of my childhood summers. It is a vivid memory of how I learned to swim in the Vaidava lake and how under the guidance of my dad me and my brothers learned the real meaning of job. Now when my duties make me stay longer in the factory, when I walk around and do not hear the production process going on and feel the specific smell clay, I recognise it as the smell from my childhood. It is the bond with the place, with the people and their job. It is also huge responsibility I have taken as a manager of this business for more than 10 years. A great honour, too, to take over from my father who did this job for 30 years before me. For the last 10 years we have been highly motivated to add the story of VAIDAVA CERAMICS a new quality and be heard outside Latvia as well. We have managed to earn a stable position among manufacturers of Latvian design products and reach out to several foreign countries during these years. But there is still a lot to be done.

We have also tried to tell a story which is as personal as this one on our new home page. We want to show you our people, hand work they do and our product design. A personal story, our new website and everything we do at VAIDAVA CERAMICS is rooted in our motto- Beauty lies in simplicity. It characterises our product design, our environment and now our new home page, too. I really hope the new home page design will appeal to you and will reveal us to you in a new light. From time to time we will publish posts in the Blogs section of our home page to inform you about the news, important events and just to maintain our relationships :) Summer is around the corner, and we are planning a surprise just next to our factory which will probably make you a more frequent visitor to Vaidava. We will make a special announcement about that. You can follow the news on social media: Facebook and Instagram @vaidavaceramics

On behalf of our team with best regards from Vaidava and wishing you a busy spring time.

Faithfully yours,

Miks Balodis


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