Portrait of Miks Balodis, CEO of VAIDAVA CERAMICS


This is a story about a generations-long love for a place, the things it provides, the craftsmanship, and most importantly, its people.

In the heart of Northern Europe

Northen Europe, Latvia

Northen Europe, Latvia

57.4309° N, 25.2886° E

Located in a scenic and well preserved corner of Gauja National park. It's no coincidence we're surrounded by nature's finest creations - the respect we have for our land runs for generations and has been embedded in us by our ancestors.

Northen Europe, Latvia
Janis Balodis and Miks Balodis - father and son at Vaidava Ceramics
Miks and his father Janis, outside VAIDAVA CERAMICS

A family affair, for generations

VAIDAVA CERAMICS has been a family-owned and operated business since 1980. Growing up in the pottery studio, witnessing the transformation of clay from a messy material to exquisite objects by skilled artisans, has strengthened the connection to our ancestors. Our admiration for traditional techniques has led us to remain committed to generational methods for producing fine pottery, while also exploring the endless possibilities of clay. By blending Nordic design with traditional aesthetics, we have created a distinctive fusion of traditional and modern tableware.

Miks (current CEO) took over the pottery once his father retired. Pictured here together in their happy place that’s the root of some of their warmest memories at VAIDAVA CERAMICS. Perhaps, there will come a day when Miks’ son takes over the family business. Imagine what our clay will be able to do by then?

Closeup of the Latvian red clay
Vibrant colors of the Latvian red clay

Raw materials

We use locally sourced Latvian red clay. Its distinctive red color is caused by iron oxide in the clay. The clay is known for its exceptional quality and has been prized by potters and ceramics artists for centuries. It is also highly durable and resistant to heat. Although a popular choice for brick-making, with our innovation the red clay has transformed into a unique and durable tableware.

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