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To us, sustainability is a verb. As a planet-friendly company, we take our environment seriously. Our goal is to minimize our footprint and leave our land intact for our children and grandchildren.

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Protecting the natural ecosystem of Gauja National park

Northen Europe, Latvia

Northen Europe, Latvia

57.4309° N, 25.2886° E

Our workshop is located in the scenic Gauja National Park. As a part of this ecosystem, our goal is to protect the unique values of the Gauja valley and its surroundings. The Park is governed by the Environmental Protection Law, which requires us to act responsibly towards the environment in which we operate. We treat our surroundings with respect, avoiding unnecessary waste and pollution, and not harming the biodiversity.

Northen Europe, Latvia
A woman using a pitcher to glaze a ceramic dish
One of the many talented people behind our tableware, glazing a bow.

We value our local craftsmen

We have gathered a group of skilled local craftsmen who have grown up here and truly appreciate the unique value of our region. Working with clay is their greatest passion. By creating job opportunities and hiring talented individuals from our community, we are actively promoting the economic growth of our region. We take pride in the fact that all of our employees are residents of the Valmiera district. As a result, the time and distance spent commuting to work is significantly reduced, which ultimately leads to a decrease in overall CO2 pollution.

Closeup of the Latvian red clay
Vibrant colors of the Devonian age Latvian red clay

Locally sourced clay

The Gauja River and its tributaries have Devonian sandstone outcrops that we use for our products. This clay is only found in three places worldwide, including the nearby Lode quarry just 10km away from our workshop. Using local materials reduces our CO2 footprint and supports the economic development of our community while strengthening our relationships.

Shaping the clay into large spheres
Re-purposing our leftover clay

Low-waste production

Every manufacturing process generates waste, whether from materials, packaging, or daily operations. So we've found ways to reuse our waste and make less of it. Our leftover clay, for instance, is a highly reusable material that we revitalize by adding water, giving it renewed utility. Similarly, we opt for packaging made from recycled cardboard instead of plastic, further diminishing our ecological footprint.

Glazing the inside of a small terracotta bowl
Glazing the inside of our collection Earth bowl

No artificial enhancements

We use water alone to clean and prepare clay for shaping, removing any impurities during the process. Once purified, the clay is then ready for use. To glaze our dishes, we use lead and cadmium-free glazes. This is especially crucial when producing dishes for food use, as we prioritize the use of natural and safe materials to ensure the purity of the food.

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